Mainu BF Chahida.....

I make a great hue n cry about it;
Spread the word around that I'm "Available";
Ponder for hours (okay,days) with my similarly situated friends what the reasons for our condition of "Ready to mingle, but still Single" might be;
Wonder how even girls with the worst dressing sense (this point raised by my fashion oriented friend) are escorted around campus;
Heave a long, heavy hearted sigh when I see couples roaming around;
Wish for someone to whisk me away to Ganga Canal when the weather is beautifully rainy;
Keep asking "I'm not THAT bad...Am I???" ,and driving my audience (lately my long suffering neighbour, who happens to have a boyfriend!) to desperation ("Ab pleeeeease chup ho ja");
Make sure I'm out of the hostel till the last possible moment ("10 baj gaye...chaliye andar");
Go to Nesky every single day (hmm... the guy at the counter knows me quite well and he's actually kinda cute... God,I'm reduced to Nesky waala now...I'm not THAT bad, am I?)

All of the above make me sound desperate for a boyfriend... But to tell you the truth, I'm perfectly happy just the way I am... I love my friends, I love the time I spend cribbing to them, love bugging them to bits and then think how lucky I am to have them actually comforting me, love my freedom- to do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want; freedom of choice n variety in life, love the fact that I'm actually unavailable coz I'm so busy being available, and love passing time just hanging out with my best friends wondering where exactly we went wrong and how the hell we screwed up!!

Who wants a boyfriend when I have all of this instead....

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    hey..some of your posts are the few off late that i actually bothered to read all the way to the end..without skippin n skimmin too..good job!


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