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My friends keep giving me feedback on my posts....
" It was sweet!"

" My blog is cryptic?? What about yours??"

" That post was too long!"

" U didnt mention the Bon Professeur.. u ruined the whole thing!"

" U seem confused... do u want one or don't you??"

" U know what, your blog is a bright spot in my day. I know everytime I open it I'll find something new."

" I read your blog today!! Achcha tha!"

" Who wants to read your blog anyway??"

And so on and so forth....


This is an appeal to all those who read my blog... kindly comment on what you liked or disliked about the post. You don't need to be a member... or even to disclose your name if you so choose. But please do post your comments ...... so I can continue to do just as I please anyways!!
Appreciate your views and the time you take out to read my blog. Love you all a lot!


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    u are one nice human being ..I must confess....

  2. someshwar singh10:20 PM

    u know thing which i feel in life is that to write ur fellings shows how ur internal world reacts after somehing happens on ur outer this life every body looks outer world but u make them to see ur inner world .....great job

  3. Anonymous3:42 PM

    loved reading all of them ... hope you carry on.. i ll be waiting for 'call guys 2'

  4. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Ill comment on some aspects that most people generally dont..

    1. The webpage is very soothing to the eyes. No gaudy colors, zazzy designs..I seem to think you are a sinple person..

    2. Your posts are beautiful. Though it appears that you deliberately provoke people, I feel u really are a reserved person deep down..

    3. There is a touch of humour in almost all you say..Keeps even the lenghty of posts lively. IS a reflection of what you create around you - a lively environment..

    4. Keep it up :)

  5. hey anonymous... thanx a lot for the different perspective... :)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!

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