A Short Story

I'm not short. I'm relatively short. Literally. All my closest relatives are taller than me - Ma, Dad n my sis. I'm the shortest in my family.


My sis Pree is 3 1/2 years younger and 3 1/2 inches taller than me. That means she looks down upon me in more ways than one. Ever since Dad got posted to Bangalore, we've had to introduce ourselves to his colleagues. A sample conversation goes something like this :

Colleague/Wife of colleague : So beta, what do you do?
Pree : I'm in my first year of graduation.
C/WoC : That's wonderful. (Smiles at me) And what about you?? (Patting my head. Can't pat hers,she's too tall) I've heard they have changed the examination pattern for schools this year.
Self (drawing myself up to my full height) : I can't really say. But I have heard the pattern has changed...in the last 4 years since I gave my school exams.
C/WoC : Ohhh...ehhh.. (Blink blink..squirm uncomfortably)
Self (continuing after a dramatic pause) : I am in my final year of post graduation... in mathematics... from IIT-Roorkee.
C/WoC (with a nervous laugh) : Hahaha... actually you look like the smaller one.
Self : I am the smaller one. She's the taller one.

Knockout punch delivered. C/WoC withdraw in confusion and embarassment. I take it in my stride with a martyr-like smile plastered on my face while my "kid" sister veiws the entire scene benevelontly from eyes placed 5' 8.5" above the ground. End of introductions.


The four of us - Ma, Dad, Pree n I - went to get our family photo done in a studio. There was some confusion with the placing... the photographer could not find an appropriate place for me. I couldn't sit between Ma and Dad ("It looks like a V"). I couldn't stand behind them with my sis ( " Looks lopsided " ). All four of us couldn't stand together (" looks like an M now "). In the end, we compromised with Ma and Dad sitting on chairs with Pree standing behind them and me standing on a stool beside Pree. End of photo shoot.


Pree and I had a Girls' Day Out thing going. Saw this extremely cute guy walking past - tall, handsome, cool. I looked at Pree. She didn't even pause in her stride.."He's too tall for you. You'd crick your neck looking up at him. Look for someone your own size ". My concerned sis and her suggestions. "You're a regular pain in the neck, you know that?" was my irritated response. " See what I mean", was her witty rejoinder. End of discussion.


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    hun tu mainu dass main ki bolan...I mean I alwayz knew..that pree n pree think alike..no doubt..but this blog did confirm...she can take my place nytime.n me hers..coz both of us don't love u the way u are...
    we adore u the way u look wen we are aound trying our level best to embarass(hope I spelled that one right..english??) U...
    in any case...all I need to say as an integral part of ur critic list (actually whole of it)..
    you are too good wen it comes to grabbing attention...
    n we are even better snatching that attention from you...

  2. mai kya... tujh se yehi expect kar sakti thi main.. anonymous..as if I wouldn't know...how could I not know!!


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