The Simple Things

Its easy to be difficult, but so difficult to be simple.

So many times, we make things so complicated, so warped for ourselves and for others that we lose sight of the important things in life which are so simple ...

To tell the people you love that you love them.
To laugh happily, and often.
To stop and smell the flowers.
To sing out loud when you feel like it.
To seize the moment when it comes.
To smile and greet those you know.
To enjoy every moment spent with loved ones.
To take it easy and chillax once in a while.
To get wet in the rain.
To go for long strolls, carrying no worries with you.
To wake up early (ocassionally) and see the rising sun.
To see the stars at night.
To praise a job well done... and not criticize an honest but fruitless effort.
To be generous and giving without expecting something in return.
To be a good child to your parents, a good sibling and a good friend.
To help someone in need.
To work hard and party harder.
To live life on your terms... but not at anyone else's expense.

Simplicity is the essence of contentment. And here we are, trying our best to (un)learn Complex Analysis... I knew there was something wrong with the subject the moment I set eyes upon it. No wonder we aren't exactly a happy bunch of people in the Maths Dept....

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  1. To be a good child to your parents, a good sibling and a "GOOD FRIEND"..

    mark these words...


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