To be followed like The Bible....

Standing Orders For Students And Procedure For Enquiries & Punishments
(Issued by the Authorities of IIT Roorkee)

D1-2.6: Students are prohibited from writing and drawing on blackboards and walls. (Huh???!!??)
D1-3.5: Students are not allowed to become members of outside societies without prior permission of the Insititute. (There goes my membership with Al-Qaida)
D1-3.6: Students are not permitted to take alcoholic drinks and harmful drugs l;ike LSD,Charas etc. (Oh hahahaha)
D1-5.7: Lights,fans,taps etc should be switched on only when needed and must be switched off when not reqired or going out of the room. (This is a rule apparently)
D1-5.8: No pets such as dogs/monkeys (yes,it says monkeys) are allowed in the Bhawans.
D1-11.4: No private doctor should be consulted by a student on his/her own initiative.( first you reach your deathbed after the "treatment" at the Insti Hospital...then THEY refer you to a private doc)

NOTE: Detailed library rules are given in the publication "Know Your Library" available for consultation in the library. (This after a lengthy set of rules governing the Library)

The Last Word:
D2-12: In all matters not expressly provided herein, the Director may take action as he thinks fit and his decision shall be final.

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