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I've been plagued with calls from unknown numbers for a long time now. I have no clue how they get hold of my number ... sure there are dozens of sources I can't think of. The calls come from all sorts of numbers - Idea, Airtel, Hutch, BSNL, Tata Indicomm, Reliance. My number obviously transcends all divides of areas and network connections. My contribution towards national integration.

The calls started some 6 months back, with an arbitrary guy calling me up, "Hey gorgeous.. I've seen you around.. I want to frandship you." The first two words convinced me he'd never seen me before. The last few words convinced me I never wanted to see him !! The calls kept coming, no amount of requests or cutting of calls could dissuade him from calling. Then I went off home for 10 days, during which my cell was switched off. I guess he finally got tired of trying.

Then there was the Music Lover. He started off with "Hi" then played me songs. There were quite a few of my favourite numbers in his selection. I actually enjoyed those calls ... no crappy dialogues, just good songs. And then the messages started. Poems, shayaris and other similar forwarded messages. At one point they got pretty annoying with soppy, senti stuff pouring into my inbox. A few choice words the next time he called put a rest to that. Sadly, the songs stopped too.

My bed started vibrating in the middle of my afternoon siesta one day. I picked up my cell and said a drowsy hello. "Haan ji, hello..hello..hello.." someone bellowed into my ear. I held the phone six inches from my ear and asked who he wanted to talk to. " I want to talk to you only. Are you talking from Meerut? No? Then where are you talking from?? I'm from Meerut." Oh joy, the Man of My Dreams from Meerut.

"Hello. Myself Rakesh from Muradabad. Myself doing training here. What do you do?" Someone please save me !!!

Then there was the group of guys who decided they wanted to collectively share the call charges. they kept calling me from 3 different numbers, and sent messages from another number. I saved a few messages... they were pretty good. But the calls were irritating. I was pretty good at "choice words" by now, so gave them an earful.

Nighttime calls."I want to hear your voice. Raat ko baat karni thi." This was one caller that several of my friends and juniors also attended to. By the time 5 girls were through with him, he must have heard several new words to add to his lingo.

"Hi Rani...". This was last night during dinner. "WRONG NUMBER" I said and kept the phone down. He called again, "Please, don't keep down the phone. Just listen to me once." A pleasant voice, but nonetheless... A religious message followed, something with Ganeshji in the message, ending with a taunt "Sure you'll delete this one too.... Amit kr Sagar". Called a few minutes later." Aapko Ganeshji ki kasam, phone mat kaatna". "You're a crazy coot" was my reply. " Why aren't you listening to me. Please don't cut this call... please". A long pause from me." Is there a snake somewhere near you??Why are you so silent?" he ventured. That was when I discovered he's a snake charmer. Wonder why he was trying to charm his way into my heart??? Oye....

Wonder when I'll get calls from that special someone I want to talk to ......


  1. oye rani...
    calls from someone special..
    bol toh abhi number ghumaun tera....

  2. hi fish eyes

    Bhavesh. u remember me na ??
    first time in ur blog
    mera blog bhi dekhna. [ok no more ads]

    >>I want to talk to ......
    Main tumhe call karu kya.. hehehe

    nice post. :)

  3. Anonymous9:46 PM


  4. Anonymous5:13 PM

    uhm uhm! until u cum across D-man-of-your-dreams,,,kindly try n put up with these arbit guyz. only then u'll be able to value that sum1 spl...wait for the sunrise..."dhoop" niklegi


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