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Somehow, a lot of my acquaintances among the BTech guys happen to have one thing in common... they are all part of IIT-R's news magazine Watch Out!!. Now the hows and whys are beyond anybody's comprehension, but Watch Out members are considered to be the "Cool Ones" of the campus... although I don't concur.. 'coz Ash, Pree n I are missing from its ranks...

I have had a pleasant, if weird, association with the Who's Who of Watch Out!! this past year. Here I list them:

Sidharth Gupta: Chairman (2004-05)
The most popular guy in campus... everybody's idol ... every girl's crush (including certain friends of mine) ... a brilliant orator, a dynamic personality and a demi-god to boot... He's done everything from conducting quizzes and debates to participating in Fash-P to hosting Mr&Miss THOMSO... To probably being Mr.THOMSO himself... Ash tells me he's been "Mr.Elan" while he was in school in Delhi (I didn't know then, and I don't know now , whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) ...

And I was fortunate enough to know him because of my status as "A Fash-P Partner"... that's the community of those girls whose roomies were in Fash-P. My very own Ash being an integral part of the fash frat of IIT-R, I was privileged enough to have had the opportunity to know every last detail of his achievements, because the Fash-P gals never stopped raving about his virtues. He seemed quite inaccessible to us lower beings (namely Pree n Mee), owing majorly to the fact that whenever he was around, Ash wouldn't let us look that way ("Stop embarassing me!!")... although to be fair to her, we were actually pretty embarassing to be around, because our plans to meet him involved a complex strategy with Pree pretending to faint in his arms and me trying to get her off him, during which we would both get to see Him up close.... We shared several entertaining sessions chalking out our plans and mapping out a fool-proof execution. But as it turned out, on the fateful day, the event had to be cancelled owing to my absence from the scene of action due to unforseeable circs. However, I discovered to my absolute and complete astonishment that Sidharth actually knew me, and even had the courtesy to come up and say "Hi !" to me. I almost fainted that day (the plan could yet come to fruition!!), but caught myself just in time. From that day on, we acknowledged each other whenever we met, and I found him to be a courteous, polite and moderately funny guy... quite a nice person, actually. My association with him started and ended with my being a Fash-P partner... I must remember to thank Ash for her good fashion sense...

Keerthi Raghavan: Chief Editor (2004-05)
Another ultra successful, super intelligent, highly popular guy... a Black Eye (no, not a member of the band)... got through IIM-A ... blasted his way through the GRE and got into Stanford or some other equally prestigious place.... I got my first glimpse of this exalted being when Mo (his own para follows) pointed him out to me by first shouting out "Hi Keerthi !!" when he passed us by on an unlit road, and then told me..."That was Keerthi.He's a Maddu"... My being Tamil and in IIT-R and still not knowing KR was too much for Mo to digest... but my pseudo-Tamil identity had prevented me from attending the annual Tamil Meet (it involved introducing myself in front of a crowd of around 100 Maddu guys.. in Tamil.. and also hold an intelligent conversation with some of them.. a nightmare for me), and so I had apparently missed a golden chance to meet Him personally.
As Fate would have it, I chanced upon another opportunity to observe him up close pretty soon when he came to conduct a quiz in our department. I had been informed by Ash that he was into quizzing bigtime, and so naturally I wasn't interested. But just to discover what the fuss was about ("Who is this guy after all?") and also because we were under threat from our seniors and profs to build up an audience, we traipsed into the Civil Audi where the quiz was in progress. As we sat down in a strategic spot (as much near the door as it is possible to sit without appearing desperate to get out), KR was in action just below the stage, welcoming the Director or someone. Having finished the welcoming, with great style he climbed onto the stage... and in the hush, a great ripping sound echoed across the hall... as it turned out, he'd caught his pant on a nail and ripped it right through. Since the audience amounted to just about 10 people besides the dignitaries, there were no shouts of laughter, although Pree n I had a tough time controlling our giggles while Ash silently observed his moment of discomfort.. but to his credit, he carried on with confidence and panache and won my approval (which amounts to nothing, but still...). The pant-tearing incident made him seem much more human, and I liked him much the better for it. Now he seemed not so unreachable... but unlike Ash, I was unable to recognise him in anything other than a blue Tee till the very last day...

Mohneet Singh Ahuja: Chairman (2006-07)
Okay, now that I see it... this association is also through Ash... although Mo and I were together in French class as well, I didn't really know him. My first meeting with this guy was when we went to get ourselves registered for the course... a Sardar dashed in quoting his CGPA as being 8 (which it wasn't)... and almost fell over when he heard mine . The next I hear of him is from Ash (the Sardar connection) and from Gupta, who turned out to be best buddies with this crazy Surd. One thing led to another and soon Mo n I became friends. I learned that he was in Watch Out!! much later... by then it was too late for me to disassociate myself from Watch Out!! 'coz half my friends were inevitably from there.And so I was stuck with having a completely random and arbit guy for a friend.. or so I thought.....

Mohneet turns out to be another popular guy around campus. Everyone seems to know him, or at least recognise him. When you're walking with this guy, its not unusual for him to be waving to half the junta that walks by, and unlike other people, his waves and hello's are reciprocated. The possessor of a weird sense of humour, a killer wit ('coz the victims of his wit hardly ever survive the torture) an amazingly warped sense of his purpose on earth (which he proclaims is to spread his theories, none of which make any sense) and a split personality ("Hello, I'm Navneet, Mohneet's identical twin who lives in London and is 1 second older than Mo"). And just when I was beginning to think what's special about this guy... it turns out that he's the next Chairman of Watch Out!! .. and a founding member of Intelligent Sardars of India ( based in London)... Do I dare say anything more...

Pulkit Arya: Executive Editor-in-Chief (2006-07)
I don't have a clue what the post means, but it sure sounds impressive. I have a suspicion that Pulkit, or Poochie as he's unlovingly known, is supposed to do a lot of work. Another popular guy... unassuming, easy going, laidback and with an utterly devastating sense of humour. Funnily enough, I first met Pulkit on the dance floor during THOMSO. Pree n Pulki matched their steps, while I tried to keep Gupta from treading on my toes. My next sighting of Pulkit was also on the dance floor, this time SB's Bhawan day. The previous scene was repeated with exactly the same characters. Meetings with him were much more frequent after that, with Ash joining in. And one fine day, I find out Pulkit is another Watch Out!! guy and on his way to the upper echelons of the magazine. In fact, I was recently informed that Poochie's the one who writes everything on the THOMSO website... something he isn't given credit for...So here's some mention of his achievement... don't expect anything more...

That's when I began to wonder if Ash, Pree n I held a special attraction for Watch Out!! people... as it is we're a pretty attractive threesome...

Ankit Jindal: Chief Finance Co-ordinator (2006-07)
Jindal.... I met him in an unusual way. Gupta came up with an arbit guy during THOMSO, to sign up for "Blind Date", a stupid game which was utterly useless. Jindal turned out to be a pretty nice guy, who loved saying "Crap!!"... just hearing him say that in his disgruntled and disgusted way made Pree n my day. Jindal running helter skelter to and from meetings kind of revealed the fact that he was yet another guy from the by now familiar bunch. What made him different was the fact that he was one of the very few guys among my friends who're serious about their studies. I spent a lot of my time teasing him and Gupta about being not-so-straight.. even composed a birthday message for him along the same lines, which he was thrilled with !!! Somewhere down the line, we came up with a Hail-Hitleresque greeting "Jai Godavari".. referring to some forgotten chapo, which neither of us remembers anything about....

Besides the above mentioned, there are several other WONA members whom I count among my friends, all of whom possess the same drive, vitality and dynamism that these guys have.
But they are sorely lacking in something ... having us as members. I took the issue up with Mo, who mumbled something about WONA being a BTech thing and came up with a vague "Its tradition" excuse... their loss if they don't have Ash, Pree n Mee....


  1. mohneet11:32 PM

    yeah riteeeeeeeee................(thats for the last line......)

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    hey sweetherat,,,
    u r gettin better..
    but I kno sumone..who mite just end up...killing u..
    n guess wat u kno her too...

  3. comment moderation :O

    long one.. and finally i got to see some gods right here on earth. thns to you. :D:D

    keep writing

  4. Pulkit7:21 AM

    Just for the sake of making a few comments:

    1) The Executive Editor-in-chief is supposed to execute the Editor-in-chief when he's not doing any work.
    2) Its true that I'm supposed to do a lot of work but we normally don't do what we're supposed to do, right?
    3) What's so funny about meeting me on the Thomso dance floor?
    4) I don't write EVERYTHING on the Thomso Website. I've never written EVERYTHING on the website. In fact, I don't think that the word even exists in the website text.

    That'll be all!

  5. pool key... or pull kit-kat... or watever u are....
    point number 4 was a killer... knew ud insert one of your personalised ones sumwhr....

  6. well, there do seem an avoidable link between you and watch out. and moreover you dont need to write a blog on useless creatures like me, mo and pulki.
    anyways, thanks for that shower of appraisal. i never knew i had a fan following! lol.

  7. hey Jindal... u do have at least one fan.... Mee!!


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