Sometimes you overhear some gems without intending to. A few selections from my treasure chest of overheard conversations:

Girl to her boyfriend, on the phone(Time:00:00hrs, Venue:Hostel corridor, on a night when we're trying to study for an exam due that day) : "Keep na... no you keep na... no no... you keep na first... (giggle)... keep na..I won't keep no... You have to keep first, then only na.... hey, keep na...."and so it continues.......aaaaaaaaaarggghhhhh.... Please SOMEONE keep na !!!

Girl to (presumably) her boyfriend , on the phone (Time:02:00hrs , Venue: Balcony near Water Cooler, also known as Panghat): "Arre, why didn't you wash your shirt?? There was such a big spot on it..I felt like just washing it then and there. Tomorrow, give me all your shirts that need to be washed, I'll do them for you..." how about MY clothes too???

Typical "Tere Naam" type guy with oily hair tied in a pony, accompanied by perfectly matched girl in latest styled suit, sit in an adjoining bench at Nesky, while I am making futile attempts at last minute studying for a test to be held in an hour: "Main tujhse bohat love karta hun... (holds her hand)... pehle jaake dekhne de yahan khane peene ka kya system hai, tu baith yahan pe ...(gives me a look over, probably making sure his girl is safe.Girl spends next 10 minutes staring at me while I peer into the depths of the two pages held in my hand, while discreetly looking for an escape route.Guy returns in a while)...Main na kabhi apne dukh ko jaahir nahi hone deta tere saamne...tera ek bhi aansu mujhse bardaash nahi hoga...(by this time I'm red up to my ears, and collecting my stuff in a hurry. Guy is apparently disturbed by the flurry of activity and pauses to give me a nasty look. I cease disturbing immediately. A few uncomfortable minutes later, girl decides its time to leave)..Mere jaane ka waqt ho gaya hai...Nahi tum 5 baje tak aj mere saath hi rahogi..nahi..haan..nahi..haan... mujhe jaana hai jaan.." I pick up my bag and literally run. So much for my studying...embarassing!!!!!

Overheard while running to a class, late as usual: " Don't tell me that assignment was due yesterday, I thought it was due today, so thought I'd submit it tomorrow!!"..." Arre nahi, it was due day before yesterday, but noone did, so extended till yesterday, again noone did, so extended till today, and I daresy noone will, so......" yup, IITians, punctual to the dot!!

My classmate consoling another one:"Tensionize mat ho!!" philosophizing on Life and coining new terms in the same breath...

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