Project Frustration

Okay, right away let me tell you this one is not going to be the usual cheery post. I'm depressed and frustrated right now, and just needed to write it all down. My semester project is going absolutely nowhere. I have bene trying for the past hour to get my code to work, but the computer absolutely refuses to concur with my fact its still running a seemingly endless loop even as I type this.My professor expects a lot from me, and he admitted he wasn't over the moon with my performance. I told him very honestly that my codes don't work. He was quite sympathetic..he always has been. But I've been feeling really low because I could see his disappointment in me. The algorithm is clear in my mind.. I know exactly what is to be done...If only I knew how to do it....

The wall before me I blankly stare
My mind is numb, full of despair ;
A screen full of zeros..without end..
Mirrors my life, what fate portends
An endless loop I see day after day
Nothing works, to my dismay ;
Sad eyes follow me everywhere,
"I've let him down", my heart says...
So much to do, and don't know how
So little time, nothing left now ;
Supposed to detect a face
How??when I've lost my pace...
MATLAB haunts me in the night,
Can't work try as I might;
How I wish this was all a dream
And I could wake up with a scream...

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  1. mohneet12:25 PM

    just adding to ur last line

    ..and have a nice butterscotch ice-cream...


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