Through with our final presentations for the semester project today...
What can I say.. it feels like a load is physically off my head... feel free... floating on air...
However, today I got a fresh insight on the sham that they call A Presentation.

The questions were ridiculous. For a student who has worked for over 4 months, trying to figure out complex equations, model complicated and intricate shapes, optimize, factorize, predict the nature of obscure data and make difficult programs in hitherto unknown softwares, to be asked something as trivial as "Reference number 7 does not give the year of publication" or "Listen me,'Great gratitude' is wrong English" (right, like YOUR English is the right one!) is degrading and downright insulting.

When the esteemed panel didn't have a clue what was going on (they were busy having chai-biscuit), they bounced back during the question round with the above mentioned bouncers. It was hit wicket everytime. By some chance of Fate, I was spared the ignominy of being asked if I knew my referred authors personally. But there were others who were subjected to the torture. It was like a pack of hounds hounding a goat just waiting to be slaughtered.... painful is the word to describe it.

Add to it a certain back biter who went crying to his guide complaining about how his time was cut short (he extended his time by over 10 minutes) and how someone else was given more time (she ran through her slides, I swear!!)..and we had a day of revelations.

As it happened, I got off very well comparatively. Though I was asked a few questions about twins and Tanzania and the darkest regions of Africa... I am yet to figure out where Tanzanian twins came up in my discussion, but as long as I wasn't asked about reference number 3.421.....

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  1. i can understand.. soo many first hand experiences.

    well the good thing is in the end everything is alright. isnt :)


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