Naukrishuda... Engaged to Work!!!

At 7 pm on 30th December,2006, I got my first job. Couldn't think of a better new year present. I'm employed... and the feeling is yet to sink in...

I wore my first executive suit yesterday for the interview. I think I looked quite smart...although my hair refused to submit to my will and looked as unruly as ever. After 4 long hours, the results were announced..."They want to make an offer for placement to only one candidate..." and called me in. At that moment, it felt surreal, supernatural. It was as if I was detached from my body, and I could see the whole scene playing before my eyes as if I was a spectator. I could see my still-well-pressed suit, a muffler hanging absurdly under my ear on one shoulder, my hair standing in all directions (I discovered that mist makes my hair frizzy..or should I say frizzier..) , looking utterly woebegone (that can happen when you're sitting in an ice box, without wearing any woollens, for over 4 hours).The people from the company smiling at me, asking me if I wanted to accept their offer right now or needed time to think. I could see myself blinking stupidly and saying something about the placement people knowing it better..and then saying "Of course... yes... I want the job".I could hear my voice saying, "Thank you" hand was frigid when I shook hers ,and she said "Welcome.... to the company".


  1. thanx dude... loooong time since i've had any communication wid ya!!!

  2. engaged to work........ okay. but i m more interested in knowing abt other -shuda


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