The Colour Of Love: White

The pain vanished
The agony banished
As she beheld her creation
No flight of her imagination
Could have prepared her for that first touch
That first little cry, the first little lurch
The tears flowed down her cheek unchecked
A princess held in her arms bedecked.
The simple blanket that covered her treasure
Though steeped in poverty, its worth was beyond measure.
She longed no more for herself from now
What little she had, to her child she endowed..
Scrimping and saving, she'd bought beyond her means,
To welcome her girl into a world of sweet dreams
A soft cotton sheet, no more than a piece
Her baby stirred in the gentle breeze
It opened its eyes and looked at its mother
All they had for life was each other

And in the cold,dusty hut that night
The Colour of her Love was White.

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The Colour Of Love: Yellow

The golden glow of the setting sun
Fell warm on them, as they stood as one,
Watching the world go from light to darkness
Awaiting the coming of the moon in its starkness;
But before the world turned dark and blue
The setting sun in its vibrant hues,
Fell upon the ripened wheat
Setting fire as far as the eye could see;
No kingly treasure could have held more gleam,
And to him, no sight would more wondrous seem,
As the farmer gazed at his land so proud
The toil, the labour, the hardships didnt count;

The swaying stalks, golden ripe and mellow.....
The colour of his Love was Yellow.

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