The Colour Of Love: Yellow

The golden glow of the setting sun
Fell warm on them, as they stood as one,
Watching the world go from light to darkness
Awaiting the coming of the moon in its starkness;
But before the world turned dark and blue
The setting sun in its vibrant hues,
Fell upon the ripened wheat
Setting fire as far as the eye could see;
No kingly treasure could have held more gleam,
And to him, no sight would more wondrous seem,
As the farmer gazed at his land so proud
The toil, the labour, the hardships didnt count;

The swaying stalks, golden ripe and mellow.....
The colour of his Love was Yellow.

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  1. this feels so ancient, like an Anglo Saxon poem which connects the holy to the earth, really powerful and timeless.

    1. This is pretty ancient (circa 2007!!) :D

      Thank you for reading this Emma :)

  2. I can picture this farmer vividly, his pride in his wheat, the fruit of his labor. Beautifully composed and heart-warming, Mixi.

    1. Thanks a lot Mary :)

  3. The form and voice of this are lovely. I really enjoy a gentle, classic poem...and this is one. Extra bonus: that last line!


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