Blogger's Park

In a fitness frenzy (and motivated also by my taunting friends) I decided to start jogging. The nearby sports ground thoughtfully provided for just such an occasion by the Insti gave me all the encouragement I needed. Visualizing myself in a smart track suit, striding effortlessly around the field,I was just waiting to start...

I pulled on (with some difficulty) a pair of fetching track pants borrowed from my much thinner roommate. As it happened, I looked like a stuffed turkey,and quickly discarded the garment for my own comfortably baggy pyjamas. Having worn that,however,it was important to avoid being seen by anyone, which put an immediate end to my plans of early morning jogging.So I waited till the cover of darkness that evening to slip out furtively from the hostel gates, keeping a sharp lookout for known faces.With much difficulty, and using my keen sense of how and when to avoid whom, I reached the hallowed gates of LBS without being recognised...

With much trepidation I went to an isolated corner. Someone once told me its important to warm up before jogging, and so I began to stretch in all directions. I ended up pulling a muscle or two, and gave it up as done for the day. But the track beckoned invitingly, and I took a deep breath and started on my way. A few metres down the track itself found me huffing and puffing, my baggy pyjamas almost on the verge of slipping down,sweat pouring in rivers down my face.I finally staggered (or crawled, can't quite remember...) the last few metres down the track, and slumped down the side of a wall. Too late,I realised that the wall was kind of slimy and I was now covered in a green gunk that was sliding down my back....

Dusty, sweaty and now slimy, I stumbled out of LBS...beyond caring who saw me.Slowly,I reached my hostel, only to be greeted by fresh, clean friends looking smarter than ever, especially when confronted with the Slime Monster a.k.a. me. Faced with the prospect of climbing the two floors to my room, I almost baulked, but the mud and the green wetness oozing out of my clothes gave me the last few ounces of strength.I finally reached my room and emerged a few minutes later having lost some weight (I washed off the dirt and gunk...they added up to a few pounds at least...).The pyjamas and now green tee were in a polythene, to be dumped at the earliest.I crashed on my bed for a few minutes of introspection and motivation. In under 10 seconds, I was asleep and dead to the world...

So much for the Jogger Spark..or jogger's park..or whatever...


  1. :))
    what a jog.. one jog and u slimmer already :P good one Dusty, sweaty and now slimy :))

    here is an idea..
    jog in burka :P
    who knows u can set a new fashion trend.

    keep on the spirit..and best of luck for it

    a small doubt.. why named blogger's park :P

  2. Introspection = Not Committing the same mistake again
    and you slept over it !!! Let the world know when another pair of jog-cloth is ready to bite the dust !! There would be ready takers ...saving you the pain ;)


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