A Twist In The Tale

"Owww..owww...owww...Ouch!!!!" I screamed, quite scaring the wits out of the portly doorman of the hostel. "Take care madamji" he solicitously advised, right after I'd taken a nasty stumble on the steps."Thanks a lot" I mumbled, as I limped inside. The world believes in giving you advice right after you no longer need it.

Needless to say in no time at all my ankle had ballooned to the size of a football, with me being barely able to hop on one foot (the other one, naturally). The news spread to a lot of my friends, whose concern was touching... but kinda got on my nerves (including the twisted ones in my foot) after a while... I present a sample conversation (they were all exactly the same):

Concerned friend: What happened??
Self: I twisted my ankle.
C.F: How??
Self: I fell down the steps.
C.F: How??
Self (am I supposed to demonstrate, I wonder): I thought there were 2 steps... turns out there were 3.
C.F (stifling giggles): Are the steps okay?? (snigger snigger)
Self (stifling a yawn): Oh ha ha ha.

I went to the doc at the campus hospital. She didnt even look at me, but gave me a load of tablets and prescribed a crepe bandage accompanied by a strong smelling cream "to be applied at will". A bit dubious as far as prescriptions go...

To say that the ointment smelt is like saying the Mona Lisa is just a painting (which it is.. but you get the cream of the picture don't you?). Conscientious as I am, I even attended classes that day...and the whole class smelt like an Iodex factory, with crinkled noses showing how my classmates were standing by me while I sat with them. Of course, one good thing about the whole episode was that I "twisted" the doc's advise of "rest and less movement" to justify my sitting in Nesky all day, soaking up the sun as some may put it (owing to the lack of shady benches). I also garnered a lot of sympathy from passers-by, from whom I managed to extract my daily dose of caffeine ( Adi, Saurabh, Gupta n Mo contributed generously to my cause). I am blessed with good friends (touchwood) ....

Basking in the sun, enveloped in a cloud of Relispray and in the attentions of my beloved friends, I realised why people use "Go break a leg!" to mean "go have fun".... coz I sure was having fun having broken mine!! And sure as hell found out how much I mean to my friends... and more importantly.. how much they mean to me...

Ahh.. the twists and turns of Life....


  1. AAhhh

    a bit of sarcasm.

    if u say someone and he/she asks u question like how it happened.. it is just a formal way of saying ohh, it is bad thing to happen.

    if some one ask u so how is the whether seeing u limp leg, wont u consider him rude... forget the stupid words :P they r only words :P [ i actually tried it but then my friends think that i dont have even the common courtesy of asking how it happened [:P]

    ankle is getting better ..start running now [:P]


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