As yet untitled..

Not a child anymore..
And not yet all grown..
Not as innocent as before..
But a lot is still unknown..

I'm flying now..
Am sailing on my wings..
Flying where I don't know..
New horizons life brings..

A fresh start, with a fresh heart..
Where this road leads is a mystery..
On my own two feet I stand apart..
I'm out to make some history..

Leaving behind a world that's mine..
Of comfort, support and friendliness..
Uncertain, unknown I find..
Is the road that I travel ,of loneliness..

No more known faces,
No smiles or hellos..
I'm going to new places,
Meet people galore..

But as I move out
I feel insecure,
The ones who I love
Aren't there anymore..

Fear and trepidation strike..
The future stares back at me blank..
All the way uphill, it's gonna be a tough hike..
I'll fight my fears, push them back..

For my memories will guide me
Through darkness and strife..
Unseen hands will steer me
Through the mire of life..

And when I finally find my niche
I'll know I've made it through..
With every single word and wish
I'll fly in the sky so blue..

1 comment:

  1. aupsy3:16 PM here goes the comment second tym(with fingers crossed)..

    Just wanna say ...keep up dat smile on ur face ,and come wat may,never let nebody bog u down...

    Its gonna be a new day and a new when u reach the top,just dont forget those whom u met on ur way up!!!

    Its time to let ur beauty come aloud,let ur colour fill the sky!!!

    Keep smilin alwaz.....


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