Tell me why...

You say you dont need to prove anything..
Tell me why am I left looking
for a sign that you love me,
for a gesture to show you care,
for any move you might make towards me
to tell me that you're there?

Tell me why
You make me cry.
My salty tears wetting my cheek,
As I wait for you week after week..
Any news from across the distance
To lift me from this cursed existence...

A life left for me to spend..
A thousand light years long, and no end.
Tell me why I fell in love
Was it written from up above?
Is there no comfort in the darkness?
The night gives me little solace...

I wait for an eternity, an eternity of pain,
Long minutes, stretching into hours again...
Second by second I waste away..
Day turns to night, night to day.
Tell me why I still wait for you
When all I have is a kiss to hold on to....

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