All Work And All Play...

Its been ages since I wrote anything..the reasons being too many and too boring to elaborate.Its been two weeks since I started my job.. my first job ever..and in these two weeks I've learnt a lot...

Training Thoughts:

17 of us joined together.. mostly IITians, that select brand of individuals who know every trick in the book to evade work. The company people are still trying their best to try n get us to work, and are actually succeeding!!! A constant bombardment of exercises and assignments apart, the added incentive of getting chocolates for our work is slowly beginning to hit home (Home is where the heart is, and an IITian's heart is in her/his stomach...q.e.d.) .

We had a presentation the other day... 5 of us in a group.While 3 dedicated members made slides and tables and charts, the other 2 (Abhinav n me) sat back and watched while they worked ( I personally believe I'm of most help when I'm not trying to help). So obviously the two of us had to give the final presentation. In true IITian style, we gave an absolutely sponty, arbit presentation, with most of our conclusions made up on the spot, arguments and validations following the same way. And surprise surprise, we actually bagged the best presentation prize (chocs again!!).

Just goes to show, all you really need to know about work, you learn in an IIT ( by not doing it).

Cab Cribs:

"Arre, she never informs us yaar.This wont do"
"Yeah, I mean we can't keep waiting for her always"
" Arre madam doesnt call me even in the evening..I have to keep waiting for her in front of the office!!!"
" Lets leave her"
"Haan haan, chalo lets go off"
"Bhaiya, cool down... Radio chalao, city bajao"

While 2 cabmates (and driver bhaiya with his inputs) decide whether to leave the 5th member, D tries to pacify them.. and I silently observe the spectacle and am reminded of hyenas, who reportedly leave their sick , injured and lazy pack mates behind to be devoured by wolves (or was it jackal... can't remember... anyways its beside the point which animal it is!!) .The 5th finally appears in front of her house, where we'd been waiting for quite some time, and immediately ticks us off for blowing the horn too loudly. 1 and 2 pounce on her, 5 fights back. Its a close call, with yowls and yelps, screeches and meows. D and I try to pretend we're part of the car's upholstery, and driver bhaiya seems to be enjoying himself.The battle ends when 5's office is reached and she is deposited there (a little scratched but otherwise safe) .1 and 2 crib all the way to our office, with bhaiya adding fuel to the (slightly) subsided fire. D tries to cool things down, and I still pretend I'm a cushion....

Cat fights and cab fights have much in common!

Birthday Bumps:

It was the company's 4th anniversary a few days back.They gave us all the same kind of shirts to wear on the big day. The Big Day was marked with balloons, and balloon sized people ( very few... me not included) who could not quite fit into the shirts. We made a merry spectacle, 200 of us wearing similar shirts and pouring into one office from every direction. A seething mass of blue we were, all waiting for the cake to be cut, ready to start stuffing ourselves as soon as decency allowed us to. V kept up a constant commentary on the situation, having been ditched by a certain balloon who'd promised to get her a shirt, and kept us all in splits. Abhinav committed the faux pas of the day by asking a certain High-Up if the tiny tots seen munching on cake were his grandchildren. He was cordially informed the tots were "my children".... we have asked Abhinav to give us a farewell party before he's kicked out. As Atul pointed out, the company can "terminate your services at any point of time, without any reasons furnished". And this was more than a reason to "terminate services"!!!! Golgappas and paapdi were the dishes of the day... followed by an animated and gross discussion on chicken tikka and the consumption of flesh and blood. Needless to say by the end of the discussion, the golgappas sat quite uncomfortably in my stomach...

V felt "different". It wasn' t that she was was just that the rest of us looked the same.

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  1. hey gud to have an insight into ur new life....sounds gr8...gud to hear that ur'e havin a gr8 tym n finally findin comfort in ur new environs!!!


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