When Ashu went senti :)

Not too long back (yesterday, to be precise), Ashu scared the wits out of me when he went senti and threw this poem at me (something he picked up from the net)

An echo fades into the night,
an eerie mournful sound.
A shooting star disappears from sight,
and I crumble to the ground.
There is no life within this garden;
my sobs are the only sound.
You have poisoned the honeyed fountain
where your love could be found.

Dazed, I stare at the stars above,
my grieving howls fill the night!
Unintended betrayal of friendship
has hidden you from my sight.
I remember how it used to be
when we shared our fears and delights.
You were a treasured friend to me.
Nothing can make things right?

Feeling afraid, cold and lonely,I
long to tell you how I feel,
but I don’t want to hear you.
The pain for me is much too real.
Should I back away and build a wall
and block away how I feel?
Or, should I give you a call?
We both need some time to heal.

An echo fades into the night
as our friendship disappears.
How do I know what is right?
How can I ease my fears?
If I do call you again,
would the old wounds reappear?
I can’t stand to cause you pain.
Hurting you again is my worst fear!

She sees...

As I stood outside my flat today morning, balancing a half eaten sandwich in one hand and trying to single handedly lock my door with the other, I saw a pair of twinkling stars looking up at me from behind my neighbour's net door. I paused and was met by a pair of large, luminous pair of eyes. My neighbour's tiny granddaughter, Bhoomi, was at her station...

Every morning as I rush out of my flat, she's there to see me doing my balancing act and tripping down the stairs. Her eyes are two of the most beautiful I've ever seen. They're huge, and full of an innocence that is the prerogative of childhood. They behold the world with wonder, yearning to see as much of it as possible from behind a net. Her black eyes observe everything keenly, absorbing like a sponge, learning rapidly. She already knows a smile will get her a pat or a kiss, and she loves being fondled. She knows that by making her eyes spew out water at strategic moments, she can get almost anything from her doting grandma.

Its probably a good thing the net shields Bhoomi... both from tumbling down the stairs, as well as from a lot of things those eyes shouldn't be subjected to see - a dead puppy just outside the colony gate, an irritated father shoving his toddler out of his way in his haste to leave for work, people going about their daily routines like robots, unmindful of Life unfolding all around them..

Bhoomi probably has a very small world right now - her grandpa's house where she spends her days, the veranda from where she waves at cows, her soft cot where she peacefully dreams of ice-creams and weird girls juggling sandwiches. But her world will soon grow, her horizons will expand to encompass people and places beyond family and home.

I hope she'll always be full of wonder, enchanted by nature and Life. I hope she won't grow up before she has to, won't lose her innocence under peer pressure and the diktats of the society. I hope she will always look at me with that look of hers that says "How does she manage to eat that crumpled sandwich? And why doesn't she ever wake up on time?"

I've been Celled!!!

I saw a bunch of bright red flowers today. Nothing unusual in that, except that on this particular day, the first thought to cross my mind was that my spanking new cell has 65,000 colours, and a brilliant enough resolution to make each of those shades stand out separately.

It all started when I decided to trade in my "Old Retainer"-esque, ancient-beyond-words, now out of production Nokia "Made for India" torchlight handset (whew!! That was a long sentence!). I zeroed in on a sleek new slim cellphone that I saw in the mall one day. The guy at the mobile store proudly told me "Accesories?? Well, you get a battery and charger free!!" . A bit befuddled at this,I almost dropped the idea of buying it.But giddy with newly earned money, and armed with a debit card with a lot of balance to its credit, I took the plunge (aided by Sourav, who talked me into buying it) and bought it....

Apart from the "free battery and charger, madam!", it came equipped with a slim leather pouch (the cell refused to fit into it at first... then refused to come out when a call came in) and a handsfree set (I kept holding it with my hand for fear of letting it fall).

And that's how I was "Celled".

"Smile..you're on camera" read the board right at the entrance of the foodcourt at Sahara Mall. "Yeah well, you'd better smile too ... coz I have a 2MP cam that can capture every one of your wrinkles at 8X zoom" I smirked. My companions gave me a few weird looks, but passed it off as one of my usual idiosyncrasies (or eccentricities), as I whipped out my phone and clicked the "hidden" camera's pic with my unhidden one.

"Could you please stop recording your voice for the n-th time???" my exasperated roommate pleaded. "Why?? With a voice recorder that can record upto 1 hour of conversation, I can sing at least 8 songs. Oh, by the way, this conversation's being recorded. Oh, and also... Say cheese!!"

My gang and I have been spending the past few days taking arbit pics at the office, and exploring its features. Someone discovered a Sudoko in some folder ( I've been trying to locate it since then... damn multi-folder-system!). There's Bluetooth connectivity and I accidentally latched on to somebody's laptop in the vicinity ( hope he never finds out it was me!!).

Technologically challenged as I am, I nevertheless feel good about my new cell...

Now, if only I could get the alarm to shut off every morning....

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