When Ashu went senti :)

Not too long back (yesterday, to be precise), Ashu scared the wits out of me when he went senti and threw this poem at me (something he picked up from the net)

An echo fades into the night,
an eerie mournful sound.
A shooting star disappears from sight,
and I crumble to the ground.
There is no life within this garden;
my sobs are the only sound.
You have poisoned the honeyed fountain
where your love could be found.

Dazed, I stare at the stars above,
my grieving howls fill the night!
Unintended betrayal of friendship
has hidden you from my sight.
I remember how it used to be
when we shared our fears and delights.
You were a treasured friend to me.
Nothing can make things right?

Feeling afraid, cold and lonely,I
long to tell you how I feel,
but I don’t want to hear you.
The pain for me is much too real.
Should I back away and build a wall
and block away how I feel?
Or, should I give you a call?
We both need some time to heal.

An echo fades into the night
as our friendship disappears.
How do I know what is right?
How can I ease my fears?
If I do call you again,
would the old wounds reappear?
I can’t stand to cause you pain.
Hurting you again is my worst fear!


  1. Ashutosh2:13 PM

    Abe ab tu mere emotions ka aise mazak udayegi :(

  2. Tu mera blog kabse padhne laga be????

  3. it was a tribute and a compliment to you dude! :D

  4. Hi, have been seeing your posts lately thanks to goggle what about your family - no comments!


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