Man or Beast

Okay. Inspite of the laughs and jeers that I'll be afflicted with once my near and dear friends read this, I shall write to expose a sad truth of Life - Man is a beast.

It so happened that I was crossing a busy road on my way to the office. Just as I hopped on to the divider, I spotted a bull lurking dangerously close, pawing the ground with its massive hoofs, and lowering its pointed horns . Before I could react, it charged at me.

I wish I could say I nimbly dodged it and laughed at its face while it stumbled away from me, but sadly, it just didn't happen. I jumped off the divider in a blind panic and ran helter-skelter across the road at its busiest hour. Several cars screeched to a halt to avoid hitting me, and I made a spectacle of myself. Ice cream vendors, water sellers and sundry loafers lined up beside the road to watch me perform amazing acrobatic stunts to avoid cars and bulls and try (mostly unsuccessfully) to preserve my dignity at the same time.

As it happened, I was suddenly joined in this hotch potch and general milieu by another guy who wanted to cross the road and had to face the Ultimate Bull Challenge like me. Dressed in a snazzy and too-tight t-shirt, hair slicked back with something that had the consistency of grease and a wide smile, he remarked, " Bull troubling you Miss? ". Next thing I know, he's matching me pace to pace, step by step. If I dodged to the right, I'd find him right beside me. If I pulled a sudden left, he'd pull up right next to me. A few twists and turns and a few sneers and shoves later I started finding him a bit irritating. Add to it the fact that I was getting late for office, and I was willing to take my chances with the bull rather than spend my day running across roads with this fellow. As expected, my competitor for the Ultimate Bull Challenger joined me in my quest and headed for the divider with me. He probably thought there was safety in numbers. He could always push me in front of the bull if it charged while he made a free escape to the other side (funny how it never occurred to me at that moment!).

We finally managed to cross the road with life and limb intact. While I was still thanking God and my stars and my mother's prayers and the universe in general, Mr. Tere-Naam slunk up beside me. Before I could say anything, the guy shoots his pick-up line , "Its girls like you who could drive even a bull crazy!" and shoots a flying kiss to add to the effect. Still in shock and in no condition to argue, defend or break his leg, I simply walked away in a daze after giving him the dirtiest look I could muster.

Was the animal in this entire episode the bull or the man?

Kindly bear in mind the following:
1. "The animal was You. Ha ha ha" is not an option for this question.
2. No wisecracks as to my size or anthropological classification will be entertained.


  1. An Old Friend9:57 PM

    Meenakshi, I wonder whether "Tere Naam" is ur favorite movie !!! ... In ur blog .. I suppose this the second time i am seeing a "Typical Tere Naam Guy" description.

    I request u to please read the comment on Uncleji's Birthday .... if possible do write about it ...

    And about this post "Man or Beast" let me think something, then i'll write.

    I also wanted to ask u few questions but let me frame it properly and i'll post it right here ...

  2. an old friend10:16 PM

    Yaar ek baat thi ... only if u permit me and u have time , then only i'll post the questions ...waiting for ur reply ...

  3. You probably read my blog more frequently than I write :D

    I'll be happy to see you rquestions.. can't guarantee if I would have the answers for them though....

  4. A new friend12:21 PM

    The bull charged at you or you charged at the bull....I doubt ..[:D]

    waise isse ek gaana yaad aaya
    "Bulla ki jaana main kaun hoon " :D

    No wisecracks as to my size or anthropological classification will be entertained.

    well tried...pre-emptive strike .. :) ... but i'll still make fun of you


  5. an old friend12:23 PM

    Meenakshi, thanks for your reply ... actually i was eagerly waiting for it.

    I must admit that though i been to several blogs ... but when i came across this one ... i found it very different in lot of ways. and thats one reason ... i check it out everyday and seriously ... this is the first time, i have posted any comments on a blog ... because it was ... yours.

    Again, inspired by you, I have just created my blog ... just to get a feel of it and i would be honoured and would appreciate it very much ... if you take a look at it and post ur comment on it (anything u like ... good or bad .. any suggestions and what u think) .... its an invitation meenakshi ... please

  6. Tuchchu.. last lines tujhe hi dedicated thi!!

  7. Ashutosh5:55 PM

    Tujhe mujhpe itna bharosa tha ki main aisa hi comment maaroonga... mujhpe itna vishwas...aansoo aa gaya ek aankh mein ye sun kar [ 8.( ]

  8. Meenakshi how do u define "an animal" is the first question I want to ask ? the second point is do you think being an animal is bad? Though I am not supporting the act of that guy BUT i am indeed trying to defend the bull.The analogy wasn't actually too convincing but I guess I could get what you wanted to say. We humans are beasts in some manner or the other some have that characteristic in lesser quantity and some in abundance.Man is a beast no doubt about it. The ones who are tamed don't let it out so easily .... U actually encountered a WILD beast .


  9. Ankit... my apologies to you and the bull for comparing animal to beast :)

  10. nahin yaar no apologies needed.I am actually not holding those many sentiments for the bull :) but was just trying to objectively analyze the whole issue.keep writing.... :)

  11. Thats one question that the species homo-sapiens has always wanted to find an answer to. Is man a beast? Scientifically speaking.. yes. It is. A beast who has forgotten its roots and has started considering himself far better than others.

    I mean, how are we different from other species? Considering that maybe, i am saying maybe, if some other animal got to evolve so fast as we did, both physically and mentally wouldn't it be possible that earth was ruled by some other species. I mean then in that case that species would be asking the same question.

    Taking your case, let us say the bulls and cows evolved and could walk on 2 legs (that would look funny, though) but wouldn't it be possible that, if such a thin happened... it would be you charging a bull and some cow passing stupid pickup lines on that bull. I mean that very much possible in some other circumstances.

    So the last lines... we should save our ecosystem. Coz who know some years later these under-evolved species might evolve and then god (if it exists) save us.

  12. so ur Wodehouse ishtyle sense of humour is still very much in place haan!!! Awesome... i bet the incident was no more fun to watch than it was to read!!! But somehow , i wonder whats with u and tere-naam like guys do u alwaz end up being stuck wid that unique species??!!! :P
    Krazy kiya re? Kisko... the bull or the dud dude...!!!
    Gud to see u writing again...

  13. I would not comment on ur physical appearance cz had u been funnily sized,the guy wud not have run behind you...means u r quite gud looking...:)

    Secondly, i have a question here...i think u'll be lying if u dont admit that wen u saw someone running with u away from d bull, u were kind of relaxed...were you not ?
    Finally, i dont think anyone can be defined as a beast here,the guy...not at all & the bull...well maybe dats how dey appreciate something gud looking..

  14. (An Old Friend) Would like to know ... how are you? Its been a long time since your post ... very busy ...?


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