The Connoisseur

It was a rainy day. The sky was dark and overcast, shadows flitting across a grey morning. The Connoisseur sat at the window, listening to the pearly raindrops making splashes on the sill. Nothing stirred in the house. He sighed, then looked around the room he was in. It was a well furnished drawing room with elegantly dimmed lights, a plush sofa set facing the balcony with glass doors, a comfortable arm chair, large cushions set fashionably on the floor for a relaxed chat, low stools dotted here and there, a soft and expensive Persian rug on the floor, with a glass topped table in the centre. It was also the room where he got more closely acquainted with his latest acquisition.

He looked towards the centre table. Mingling with the soft drip-drop of the rain outside was a soft drip-drop of something else inside the room.... the trickle of something red that made a pool on the table top and was slowly forming a puddle on the rug...

The Connoisseur smiled. She lay on the glass topped table, her mouth slightly open, the source of the trickle. She had lasted much longer than he had expected, and having had her in his grasp after she had eluded him for so long.. the rewards more than justified the price he had paid...

He could still taste her.. the bouquet of flavours that took command of his senses, the aroma of wild flowers, the fragrance of meadows and fruits in full blossom. He visualised her colour - a sparkle that caught all the brilliance of the rays of the setting sun, a soft blush that accentuated his desire to hold her a little longer, like he never wanted her to go. He remembered the warmth that spread through his body wherever she touched him. She had fulfilled all his desires, satisfied his rigorous demands. He was The Connoisseur, after all. It was not easy to please him. He had rejected many an offer before her.. before Rose...

She had been brought to him by a trader who did not quite meet The Connoisseur's eye when he questioned the trader about her. The Connoisseur was sure that with her exotic look and colour, she had been smuggled from somewhere. But when her intoxicating aroma enveloped him, teasing his senses and playing with his consciousness, he knew she was worth the risk. His only regret was that once he was through with her, he could never have her again...

The Connoisseur sighed again, and looked at her body lying on the table. A look, one of tenderness and sorrow, stole across his face, and he approached the table slowly. He held her to his lips one last time, and then placed her with the others that he had similarly sampled.... Rose...

A woman's voice startled him, "Darling, if you're done, could I please watch television in the drawing room?". The Connoisseur sighed yet again. Sometimes he was sure Millie was jealous of the time and money he spent on Rose and others like her, each unique in their own special way. Sadly, he took one last look at Rose. The label on her body, the elegant curve of the champagne bottle, said "Dom Ruinart Rose 1982"

It was only then that he noticed the stain on the carpet. Millie would get hopping mad! This time The Connoisseur was sure blood would be spilt - and it would be all his.


  1. I was expecting it to be an ice-cream or something like that. But really amazing work.

    Its been really long since I have heard anyone talk about food or drinks in this "orgasmic" way. :). Makes you feel weak in the knees.

  2. Ashutosh1:06 AM

    aisi ek kahani champak mein padhi thi maine....wahin se taapi hai kya?

  3. tuchche.. I wudn't expect you to appreciate good writing.. tu champak chhaap hi rahega... :D

    and by the way, Champak ka kaunsa adult version padhta tha tu????

  4. Absolutely Picturesque!!! :)...I smelt "the" champagne and I saw "the" room, I touched "the" sofa, I sat on "the" chairs, I walked on "the" rug, I stood in "the" balcony, and I felt "the" pearly rain... but I cud not see "a" connoisseur...

    [too many ""...I know!! but its damn hard to convey tone in written word :(]

  5. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Pretty good.

  6. hahaha, i thought it's a grisly story which is heading for a predictable end. absolutely loved it!!

    disable captcha, it's of no use :D

    1. I thought captcha (or rather recaptcha) could be used to digitize books! I am simply playing my part in preserving literature :P


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