A Walk in Solitude

I stand alone at the peak
The world lies at my feet
I haven't conquered it.. yet
It spreads as a valley unmet

My dreams are my only companions
My spirit soars across new dominions
The wind gives wings to my thoughts
I journey around the world as I walk
Along a winding, rocky path

I chance upon a clearing
Wrapped in tendrils of fog
The sky holds me aloft on its cloudy palm
I'm enveloped in a misty blanket

Huddled at the foot of a musky deodar
I bring out my flask
The smell of pinecones and a cup of hot tea
Make for a delicious combination indeed

I see a lone eagle spiralling in the distance
It reminds me of my existence
I'm floating along in life
Unaware of my purpose, yet strangely satisfied

I count my friends, and am happy with my lot
I count my blessings and count myself fortunate
I wonder if I'm a success
and make a note to ask the ones who matter.

I whisper a silent prayer into the mist
I put my dreams into a list
I'll look at that list someday
And check for the ones left unfulfilled

And I may yet fulfill them at my own pace
But for now, the mountain gives me solace.
I enjoy the solitude
For I am not alone.. I am with myself.

Would you say Love won if Love conquered all, including Love itself??

Stripped of Innocence

Life's been dealt a pretty bad hand
I am halfway across no man's land
No future presents itself to sight
The past is strangling my present every night
Why did this happen to me
Why, I scream, but no answer would there be
Betrayed, faithless, stranded, broken
No word could say what the tear has spoken
My thoughts are shattered
My soul battered
Bruised I lie
Waiting till I die
Hate bleeds me like a disease
The pain is a welcome release
Agony makes me feel alive
My soul is dead from all the strife
Impaled time and time again
My body robbed, my pleas go vain
I'm hurting but there's no respite
There is no love, only spite
Innocence turns to ashes
Dreams burst in flashes
Lightning strikes with ferocious pace
No wait, its just the tubelight biting my face
I can see red rimmed eyes
Lustful, triumphant, gazing at their prize,
They watch me writhing, but they are dumb
My very core destroyed, my life force numb
What did I do, why me, I sob, with my head in a whirl
Why you, you ask? Its quite simple... you're a girl
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