A Walk in Solitude

I stand alone at the peak
The world lies at my feet
I haven't conquered it.. yet
It spreads as a valley unmet

My dreams are my only companions
My spirit soars across new dominions
The wind gives wings to my thoughts
I journey around the world as I walk
Along a winding, rocky path

I chance upon a clearing
Wrapped in tendrils of fog
The sky holds me aloft on its cloudy palm
I'm enveloped in a misty blanket

Huddled at the foot of a musky deodar
I bring out my flask
The smell of pinecones and a cup of hot tea
Make for a delicious combination indeed

I see a lone eagle spiralling in the distance
It reminds me of my existence
I'm floating along in life
Unaware of my purpose, yet strangely satisfied

I count my friends, and am happy with my lot
I count my blessings and count myself fortunate
I wonder if I'm a success
and make a note to ask the ones who matter.

I whisper a silent prayer into the mist
I put my dreams into a list
I'll look at that list someday
And check for the ones left unfulfilled

And I may yet fulfill them at my own pace
But for now, the mountain gives me solace.
I enjoy the solitude
For I am not alone.. I am with myself.


  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    you are with the best!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. A wonderful poem on solitude and its unique delights.

  4. What a combination of words you get ? Its really incredible.

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  6. Nicely put into the words.

    I love the subtle rhyming too.

  7. Very well said. Keep them coming!


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