Would you say Love won if Love conquered all, including Love itself??


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Pyar (love) ko na hi jeeta ja sakta hai aur na hi haraya ja sakta hai. pyar mein haar-jeet nahi hoti. Agar hai, to phir wo kuch bhi hai, magar pyar nahi hai .... I would not say, that love means sacrifice and all that ... because these are all rubbish talks.

    To love someone, is my own right. No one has any right to give this right or take it. It is simply my own joy. Therefore, if anybody says that he/she has conquered love .... or for that matter as you(meenakshi) has asked ... even if love boasts of conquering all and even itself ... it is nothing more than "ego".

    "Milti hai zindagi mein Mohabbat kabhi kabhi, hoti hai dilbaron ki inayat kabhi kabhi"

    "Mujhe tum mil gaye humdum, sahara ho to aisa ho, jidhar dekhon udhar tum ho nazara ho to aisa ho"

    These lines illustrate that every person is in need/search of love(true love)....

    I hope that this answer matches to your question. If am wrong ... please correct me ... bye

  2. While this is the ideal definition of love, what about when the love for your parents conquers the love you have for your unapproved soulmate? Or when the love of a mother overpowers the love of a wife? Or when the love for freedom is overcome by the love for family?

  3. Anonymous12:35 AM

    I confess that I did not understand your question(of love) fully and i hope if you can explain it in a more easier way.

    Secondly, i was preparing an answer to your recent post about the husband and wife one ... but when i opened your blog ... i was like wowoowoow ... goddamn it ! where is the post?

    Never mind but .... I appreciate your tagline "The archives aren't all that bad either". Surely your articles more or less are all good and enjoyable but I thought there was a deeper meaning in it.

    To me it means that you have examined your life thoroughly, i mean till now and i gather from this that there is a sense of satisfaction in you that most of the things have gone well .... rather you have done well ... took the life as it came .... congratulations !!!

    By the way i wanted to ask you what is the meaning of the word "meanie" in your blog name. "fisheyes" understood ... stands for "Meenakshi"mīna (meaning fish) and akṣi (meaning eyes).

    P.S.: for the deleted post ... whatever we might guess or try to find an answer, but when the real situation props up, then at that time, what comes in mind and what you decide (because we are different and mind is totally different) that will matter. Mind will give 100s of reasons in favour and in against but in the end you have to decide and take the responsibility for your action.


  4. Dharam...(I'm sure you've been called Veeru paaji all your life!! :) )

    a) It was something I was pondering upon. Two of my friends had to break off their relationship because their parents were against it and they did not want to go against their parents. And the very same day, I read somewhere that Love conquers all.. and I wondered if it was true in this case....

    b) I thought that post was too cheesy.. it was just something I thought and wrote on the spur of the moment, but later when I read it, I thought it looked awful...

    c) The archives aren't all that bad either - and I did mean it literally and figuratively!!! Thank god someone finally understood what I meant by that!! Although I am not sure if I have done things well.. to me it seems like things have gone well for me because of the people around me..

    d) A friend of mine used to call me Meanie (short for Meenakshi) when I teased him... and that was around the time I started this blog and wanted a name for it... so this one stuck...

    e) Thank you for commenting not only on the posts that are on the blog but also on the posts that are not on the blog :D


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