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A few good thoughts to ponder upon from a book I'm reading, Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster :

"It isn't the big troubles in life that require character. Anybody can rise to a crisis and face a crushing tragedy with courage, but to meet the petty hazards of the day with a laugh - I really think that requires spirit."

"Don't you think it would be interesting if you really could read the story of your life - written perfectly truthfully by an omniscient author? And suppose you could only read it on this condition : that you would never forget it, but would have to go through life knowing ahead of time, exactly how everything you did would turn out, and foreseeing to the exact hour the time when you would die. How many people do you suppose would have the courage to read it then? Or how many could suppress their curiosity sufficiently to escape from reading it, even at the price of having to live without hope and without surprises?"

"The world is full of happiness and plenty to go around, if you are only willing to take the kind that comes your way"

"I don't agree with the theory that adversity and sorrow and disappointment develop moral strength. The happy people are the ones who are bubbling over with kindliness."


  1. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Hi Meenakshi,

    It’s nice to read your posts. I wanted to write something on your post "a walk in solitude" but due to my laziness, it was not done. And today when i saw your blog, there were new posts. Keep it up …

    I agree with the author, Jean Webster on 1st, 3rd, & 4th statements. They were really inspiring. But in the 2nd one, personally I don't think any one would like to read the story of his/her life. It’s not such a good idea. As far as reading of the story of my life is concerned, let’s break it into three pieces: past, present and future.
    Consider yourself as an “omniscient author” and suppose you know everything about my life and you write a book on it.
    First take the past. Now I have done all sorts of things good, bad and what not. But when I would be shown my past, there would be many occasions where I would be having was-it-me? feeling. Many tend to forget past and many find comfort in the past.

    Present is most important. Present is what I am. “Now” is the moment which I have and which I can live and it is a gift and therefore it is called “Present”. Whatever action I am doing now, will bring its fruits in instant/near/far future.

    Future is the result of all the Past/ Present actions.
    Future is in our hands and we are responsible for it. Sometimes the results come so delayed that we don’t even remember our actions responsible for the result.

    And when the question arises of an Omniscient Author, who is more eligible than GOD Himself? (Even saying this, means there is someone other than GOD as powerful as HIM). God is referred to as sarv-gyaata (omniscient), sarv-samarth (omnipotent) and sarv-vyapt (omnipresent). And he has made the universe and its laws which cannot be broken, not even by HIM.

    A six-month old child accidentally puts his hand in fire and gets burned. He cannot claim “I did not know or I am innocent, why me?” because it is the Nature’s Law. That was the instant result. Therefore, all the above questions mentioned by the author are right in her own way but these all have been rightly set by HIM as to how much should we know, what should we remember, and there cannot be a more certain thing than “DEATH”.
    Not knowing anything is the joy of life. Otherwise there would no suspense, no drama, no fun etc.. God has given us full freedom, either we can mould our lives in a beautiful way, or destroy it. Destiny is not fixed. Omniscient Author will write our lives based on his views and his thoughts. We will have no role to play and will be reduced to a mere spectator. This means someone else is governing our lives.
    God does not want this.

    Therefore in my opinion, the above question is not a valid question. I mean its okay if its limited to just a thought but not practical.
    I don’t know if I have stretched this more, than it should have been. Please do correct me anywhere you feel. Have i got this or was just beating around the bush ... your comment will tell. And please tell me where you got the reference of this 100 year old book. I mean how did you come into contact with it? As today’s world is an E-World, so before answering the above question I downloaded an e-book of Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster full of letters by Judy Abbott. Probably I would read the book but if you have completed you can tell something about it.

    Just for a laugh:
    Sardar's theory : Moon is more important than Sun, because it gives light at
    night when light is needed & Sun gives light during the day when light
    is not needed!!!

    Take care,

    p.s.: if it is possible please correct spelling of omniscient and suppress.

  2. Hi Dharam,

    First off, Im very flattered you read and take the time to comment on my posts. It is good to hear other perspectives on any matter.

    To get down to the question that JW poses : you will notice that while she asks the question, she argues from both sides of the coin. While you may not want to know how your future turns out, may there not be people who would want to know what they would turn out to be and do in the future? People give more money to their "family astrologers" than to charity just so they can know what the future will be. The ages old quest to build time machines and the concept of time travel.. man has been attempting to look into the past and the future ever since he realised the existence of time. What if there was a book which told them exactly what their future would be?

    I don't want to read such a book, and neither do you. Its no fun knowing exactly what will come out of the things we do. There will be no such thing as hope, faith or prayer left, for one would know the outcome beforehand. And what would be the fate of the world if there were no hope left in it? I would think it would be a pretty dull and lifeless one.

    As for my literary tastes, they have been cultivated by my parents, both voracious readers, and both very well read. i loved this book because it brings forth so many thoughts that we all may have had at some point in time, but never could express. Also, if you like this book, you might want to read its sequel, "Dear Enemy", which is about Sally McBride, a friend of Judy's, who comes to run the orphanage where Judy grew up. It is hilarious, sensitive, touching and sweet.

    Have fun reading both books!

    Also, thank you for the spell check :)

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Hi Meenakshi,

    Thanks for your reply and recommending the book.
    I just hope that you don't think of me as a freak because of such frequent comment.

    "Who breaks the thread - the one who pulls..or the one who holds on?" Nice one ..

    I googled this and found ....

    The below given site is filled with different views on the above tagline.


    Well, If you have a taste for hollywood films, i would like to recommend two films which i saw recently and seriously they were amazing.

    "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset" ... these both are sequels, first in 1995 and latter in 2004 and i don't know what more to say. Both actors are great.

    Cheers and Take care,

  4. Why would i think you're a freak?? you seem like a man with good taste (esp. since you like my blog :P)

    I've seen them both and liked them. But my taste in movies leans towards mystery, action and comedy, like my taste in light reading :D



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