Hello Stranger

I saw my reflection in the glass walls of a building
Walking along the street one day
I stopped to smooth my coat
A breeze blew my hair astray

Impatiently I flicked it back
Getting late for a meeting
There's no time for frivolities
Its a dog eat dog world you see

But who was it staring at me
Out of the green mirror
It was someone I had forgotten
I said , "Hello Stranger"

This girl who stared right back at me
Her eyes told me a story
Of starry dreams and moonlit nights
Her brow was clear of worry

She stood in the spotlight
Her hair and gown blowing in the wind
The world her stage, the stage her world
Like an angel she would sing

She spoke to me in tones that lingered..
"Hello Stranger"

The reflection cleared
I stared back at myself
When did I leave my dreams behind
When were my songs shelved?

My face pinched with concentration
Trying to keep up with work's pace
Pondering how much the next cheque would bring
Trying to stay ahead in the rat race

No sign of starry eyes
Or the sheer joy of symphony
No music like a kaleidoscope of colours
Every note in perfect harmony

My guitar replaced by a purse
How ironical, I smirked
Passion overcome by profession
Heart overtaken by work

The Stranger returned
She put out her hand
I took a leap of faith
And held on with all I had

I shook out my hair
from the ribbon that held it tied
It was almost symbolic as I brought back to Life
That part of me that had almost died

I turned my face up to the sun
And breathed in deeply, savouring the fresh air
I walked with a new spring in my step
Suddenly life seemed lovely and fair

As I hummed a new tune, I looked back at the mirror
I saw myself now...
No longer a Stranger


  1. Anonymous11:40 PM


    its true dat we dont know!

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    happy Birthday to YOU KNOW WHO...:)
    lots of love n good wishes tooo..

  3. Love the line "passion overcome by profession" - How often we tow the line because we can't advance on the professional scale if we don't - but at what sacrifice? Lovely narrative in this poem!

  4. i always have tremendous respect for people who write in rhyme...it takes a lot of toil and effort..good work here..some lovely lines and more importantly the thought...

  5. Beautifully done. We always need to try and know our self.

  6. the world does take away our dreams... :(

  7. fabulous poem of growth loss and re-discovery.but for most the dreams of our younger days are nothing more than yesterdays ruins without magical portals of any kind.

  8. Wonderful write. So many people could relate to this. I know I did.

  9. Quite a journey of personal revelation here in this poem. I like the apparent reconciliation, although I think images reflected back rarely accurately portray the real one.

  10. I'm liking this Mixi. I don't like it in that it is written by someone I know dearly. Would that she would heed that girl in the mirror.

  11. nice one Mixi...loved the introspection and somehow, i love peaceful happy endings...We al have our moments of tryst with our own reflection, isnnt it?:)

  12. Gemma-Thank you :-) Yes, the struggle is usually not even a struggle. Profession almost always takes precedence over everything else.

    Sayan - Thanks! Rhyming is not that big a deal :-)

    Anthony - Thank you!

    Asteria - Most of the time, we ourselves take our dreams away...

    Abin - How elegantly said! Thank you.

    Kay - So glad this touched a chord in you :-)

    Kim - Rightly said, though there is always the hope that looking in the mirror through your own eyes can reveal the truth to yourself at least

    Jim - Actually she has heeded the girl in the mirror! I spend all my time pursuing my passions of family, writing and singing these days :-)

    Akila - Beautifully said, Akila :-) Thank you!


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