I was once so poor
That I wasn't sure
What I could want
What I could count
as being Mine

Walking to school
Barefoot, feeling like a fool
No footprints on the road
Only the blood on it told
it was Mine

My mama's in a bind
No food at home to find
The Old Man's drunk again
My screaming brother's pain
is Mine

I sell myself on the street
I get thumped, I get beat
My body's mine no more
But they can't touch my soul
it's Mine

Now mama's got new pearls
The Old Man's cigar twirls
My bro lives like a Pharaoh
Bones bleeding to the marrow
are Mine

They want more, they say
Mama curses my name
They say I'm mocking them
Don't wanna share with them
what's Mine

The Old Man cuts a deal
My mama sets her seal
They want me to repay
Everything I ever ate
thinking it was Mine

They say it is my duty
Only eight and she's a beauty
Start her early, she's gonna be dinner
In her frightened eyes, the face of the sinner
is Mine

I cannot, will not sell another
girl, I turn towards my brother
But that dog's so high on dope
His eyes gobble up the hope
in Mine

I try to compromise
I've made my sacrifice
Why does she have to drown
To the dogs her body thrown
like Mine

No other choice they gave
So I shot them to their grave
Blood seeping through their fingers
And the satisfaction lingers
in Mine

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  1. Sends shivers!!! Definitely your best, and also one of the top ones, I have read. It doesnot just touch the soul, but grabs it and then shakes it, till you start empathising with the protagonist in the poem.

    Beautiful work.

    1. Anonymous1:42 AM

      Yes but why are her poems all so negative and dark. Does she not believe in love, kindness and warmth? That would be a sad life to dwell only on evil.

  2. Thanks Bunty my encourager.. just glad to know I haven't completely lost the touch yet :D

  3. baap re baap... last paragraph is too much !!

  4. Debosree Roy1:58 PM

    @ MG: awesome!!! Deep and beautifully written...

  5. Anonymous4:49 PM

    awesome it is..

  6. very stark and powerful.loved it.

  7. Deep and powerful write.

    1. Many thanks Anthony :)

  8. phhh. Hard read, hard revenge. Killing them in the story is such a weak gesture as it cannot kill the issue, though it sure expresses the anger. Wow.

    1. Thank you for reading this Susan.

      It was a desperate act, fuelled by rage and hate and disbelief that they weren't satisfied with her sacrifices, and were willing to push someone else into the same hell hole. It wasn't revenge, it was an attack to prevent them from destroying that little girl's life.

  9. Yoiks. This is heavy, but addresses the lives of impoverished children everywhere. You have captured many negative facets of human nature, when living lives of desperation - and you brought it home powerfully.

  10. Dark, stark, sad, desperate.

    1. Voices that we rarely hear, sights that we choose not to see, lives that we know are lead but don't want to believe in... Just my way of giving words to their pain..

  11. OMG...that was ruthless!! But, a fabulous piece of writing!

  12. You have given a voice to the dark desperation in someone. All of this happens. Yet, we don't wish to think about it. Fantastic piece!

    1. You've said it perfectly. Thank you for your thoughts Susie :)


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