Almost Beautiful

Honour killings are on the rise in India. Dictatorial khap panchayats are issuing diktats that approve the killing of couples who marry against the wishes of their families.

As always, the burden of "honour" lies on the girl's head, and her partner pays the price of associating himself with her. 

Girls deemed to have forsaken their family's "honour" are ordered to be tortured and killed, often by being raped and beaten before being murdered brutally by their own fathers and brothers.

In most cases, their deaths go unreported and unpunished. 

This is what truly shames and brings dishonour not just to their families or communities, but to the entire nation, and all of humanity.

This is for all those girls who died without a voice in the name of "honour".

I wake up in a bed, Not quite sure
Of where I am, or where I was before
Every nerve, every sinew,every drop of blood burns
My face beaten to a pulp, and my tormentor turns

I search his face for emotion, even hate would do
The indifference, the disdain is what pierces through
As if I were nothing, not human, nor animal
Just a soft piece of flesh to be consumed at will

My wrists chaff, the ropes binding me bite
As horror fills me, I strain with all my might
But nothing can save me from what's coming my way
It's been an eternity, or was it just a day?

To be loved but abused and fondled but raped
Contradictions abound, but I'm tied to my fate
Did anyone miss me, did anyone care
Did anyone search, or hurt, or despair?

Fire and ice can both burn just as bad
I know, I've had them both drive me mad
More than my body, it's my spirit that aches
Only a woman can feel what a man can only take

No honour, no respect, no worth, no esteem
Everything taken away from me
No virtue, no merit, no value, no purity
All murdered on the altar of morality

For those who violate and plunder me so
Are not strangers, but my blood, my very own
I'm paying the price for their vanity
Their pride, their honour, their virtuosity

I feel my breath fading as I am pillaged again
I close my eyes to drown into memories of happier days
Hidden from the world a look, a touch, a stolen kiss
Days of love, moments stolen from time itself and wedded bliss

A forbidden love, or so they said, as they hacked to death
The light of my life, the reason for my existence, my every breath
And then they turned on me, and so I was on this bed
Battered and violated and brought to justice in their heads

I open my eyes briefly, to look at their world one last time
For I know beyond doubt it's no longer mine
I'm headed to heaven, no matter how broken or pitiful
In my world I'm whole and strong.. and almost beautiful

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