The Dying Soldier - 'Divine Is You' Contest Entry

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He lay on the battleground
Bleeding in a ditch
His guts were spilling out and around
His wounds split stitch by stitch

And even as he lay in pain
He saw her face before his eyes
He knew not if he would see her again
But he'd love her till he died

"Don't leave me here, please don't go"
Her words rang clear in his ears
But he was a soldier, strong and sure
And he would not stop for tears

They'd spent a summer of love together
Engaged to be married when he returned
To spend the rest of their lives with each other
And as he remembered, his eyes burned

He knew his time was running out
He wouldn't return to her now
He could not even scream or shout
His breath grew ragged and slow

He wished he had more time with her
He had no hope of revival
He thought of the last time he touched her
"I wish she had opted for her hair removal"

This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with


  1. Your poem was going in such a poignant way, when came the end! I wish the end had gelled with the overall mood, but then it is just my perspective.

    1. The end was meant to deliver a comic twist. The poem itself was supposed to be a tragicomedy instead of just a tragedy. But I appreciate your point of view :)

  2. Oops....haha, i don't know what to make of it....u altered the mood brilliantly... a dying man thinking of a hairy arm...that's cool :)

    My blog:

    (do visit at night for 'some bedtime stories')

    1. Thanks! Your blog looks promising. I'll give it a read!


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