What happened last night?

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Write Over the Weekend theme for Jan 18, 2013
Begin your story using this ‘You wake up, go to the bathroom and look at the mirror.’

You wake up, go to the bathroom and look at the mirror
You rub your eyes, and see a blurry figure
You blink once or twice, time's lost track
The bruises on your face shine purple and black
Your neck is scratched, your shoulders hurt
You look down at your hands and notice the dirt

"What the hell happened last night?" you wonder
You pause to remember, and hear lightning and thunder
No, it isn't raining outside as you thought it might
It seems they are flashes from what happened last night
The face in the mirror stares open-mouthed and pale
You slowly turn to look back the way you came

Through the bathroom door, you see the bed
There's someone on it, someone dead
Or so you think, when she suddenly stirs
The bedsheet doesn't quite cover her 
There's a girl in the bed and she's got no clothes on
She crooks a finger at you, and beckons, you go on

You approach her cautiously, you're not quite sure
"Good morning", you venture tentatively anyhow
"Good morning, tiger," she drawls and winks
You gulp and swallow and once again blink
"I hope you're alright, I hope you're not hurting"
You don't know if she's sympathetic or flirting

She's a beauty she is, the girl from the bar
The girl you've admired for so long from afar
"I'm fine", you reply, "no broken bones, I think"
You gulp and swallow and once again blink
"I don't mean to sound rude, but if you might,
Could you do me the favour of recalling last night?"

She looks at you puzzled, then laughs full-throated
"You really don't remember why I'm in this bed?"
You look sheepishly behind you, at your own reflection
"I'm sure to recollect if pointed in the right direction"
"Okay then, champ, let me tell you the tale
Of how you succeeded where so many failed"

"I'm a waitress at the bar, the one you visit now and then
Even though you never drink anything and leave sharp at eleven
You came in yesterday, ordered the usual bugger
A hot coffee, black with no cream or sugar
Even though we never serve coffee at the bar
I made you one every single time that you asked."

"You think I don't notice you, but you're hard to miss
I mean, who drinks coffee where people booze and piss?
I know you're the quiet type, not much on words
But you seemed decent and gentle and gave more than money's worth
You were always respectful and thoughtful and kind
Not just to me, but also to Mrs. Rind"

"Mrs. Rind is old now, she lives with me
I love her to bits, she's my only family
She was homeless when I found her
And we took to each other
I brought her home as my own kith and kin
And I've never been loved more than what she's given"

"I live right above the bar in a room
It's tiny but cosy, and enough for two
Mrs. Rind and I make do quite well
And my commute is a stroll down the stairwell
Yesterday, she came down to work with me
And that is when it began, the real story"

"Mrs. Rind is a dear, no trouble or disturbance
She sits behind the bar, and minds her own business
Now, you may have seen him around, Rory the drunkard
Big chap, beer belly, drinks only in tankards
He's obnoxious and rude and violent to boot
He makes passes at me even though I refuse"

"He's handsy, is Rory, tries to grope me 'round the bar
I ignored him before, but he took it too far
He leered at me and slapped my ass
This time I punched him one first class
He saw red and hit me hard
and Mrs. Rind sprung to my guard"

"She flung herself on his legs, making him trip
He aimed a vicious kick and almost broke her hip
He kept hitting harder, and Mrs. Rind kept crying loud
I struggled in my corner where I had sunk to the ground
And when it seemed that it would be the end of Mrs. Rind
You sprung out of the woodwork like a spring that did unwind"

"Not one of all the bums who drank my beer
Came to my rescue when it mattered, except you, my dear
I don't know where you found the courage
But you pulled him back and could have caused some breakage
And it would have worked if you had the strength
But compared to him, you were one-tenth"

"So you did what you could, and fell on Mrs. Rind
You protected her with your body, while he pummeled you blind
Seeing you give yourself for her that way
It made you my hero that very day
Rage gave me power and I took up my hammer
And Rory was beaten to a pulp, then sent to the slammer"

"You were down but out you were not
Beaten but victorious, not cold but hot
You carried Mrs. Rind and followed me to my room
You placed her on her bed, and suddenly boom!
You clasped me to your chest and kissed me with emotion
After that there was no stopping the passion”

You gulp and swallow and blink once again
Your bruises and gashes throb in pain
You look around you, it's an unfamiliar place
You're in her bedroom, even with that face
And all of a sudden, everything fits
What gave you the courage to do what you did

"I've loved you for long", you confess
"But never have I been able to profess
Yesterday when Rory raised his hand
I couldn't sit and couldn't stand
So I dipped behind the bar and picked a bottle
i downed all its contents, and fought the battle"

She laughs delightedly, a hearty sound
"So that's what you did when I turned around?
Steal from my bar, and drink without paying?
Your first shot of alcohol got you saying
All that you wanted to but never could
Thank god you drank up, touchwood"

You sheepishly smile, then join in her laughter
But there is still one unresolved matter
"Pardon me, but I don't remember any old lady
Where's this Mrs. Rind I've been saving?"
She looks at you in disbelief, then starts
"Mrs. Rind is my pet cat, sweetheart!"

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  1. quite a tale. I loved it

  2. Interesting...........

    1. Thanks! I quote like your Mirror Images too!

  3. Poetry and fiction come together, this is absolutely brilliant.

    1. Thanks Subroto! I liked your WoW piece as well :)

  4. I first time read your blog thoroughrly, your blog is nice and excellent

  5. Hi Mixi,

    Your poem has good rhyming
    hence blog has good chiming

    Keep it up!

  6. hehehe......AWESOME!! Really very nice twist at the end and the whole rhyme you made out of it!!!!
    I loved your take on the prompt !!
    Congrats for winning the WOW. I too won :-) :-)


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