I run wildly, the wind in my hair
Grass under my naked feet, kissing my toes
The undulating grasslands stretch far and fair
Directionless in their spread, they come and go

As they ripple in the breeze, making waves on land
Cottony clouds float above, in the firmament azure
Many hued they are, tinged with purply pink and
Orangey red and Indigo blues

My dress is floating chantilly, a vision in creamy white
I'm a blushing rose, my parted lips a deep maroon
My eyes are glittering black and bright
I laugh like a birdsong in June

Everything bathed in glowing sunshine
Washed and fresh and breathing new life 
A sea of violets and bluebells divine
Dewdrops create a thousand rainbows alive

Buttercups and daisies and dahlias too
In every colour possible and then some
Beauty so intense it hurts me to look
My heart almost bursts, tears come

Everywhere I look, I see new imagery
I begin to understand my world is allegoric
Edges are faded, forms are blurry
I'm hallucinating , it's phantasmagoric

I spiral too fast from light to darkness
My dreams are metaphors for my heart's desire
The high I was on gives way to starkness
I'm stabbed again by the scars from the fire

Phantasmagoric by Gilbert Marosi (


(Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia) 1. Pertaining or relating to a phantasmagoria; of the nature of phantasmagoria; illusive; unreal.

 (Wiktionary) 1. adj. Characterized by or pertaining to rapid changes in light intensity and colour. 2. adj. Characterized by or pertaining to a dream-like blurring of real and imaginary elements.

 (WordNet 3.0) 1. adj. characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions

This post I wrote long ago is also Phantasmagoric - Rainbow Dreams

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  1. Wow... that was quite a trip... loved it!

    1. Thanks for the prompt Laurie. I enjoyed writing this one :)

  2. The fantasy seemed like pure bliss! What wonderful joy (until the ending).

    1. I agree with you about the ending... I started off an optimist, but the last few words surprised me too..

  3. You've done nicely with the shifting colors aspect of the key word!

  4. You sure found an image to match the word! :)

  5. Wowzers, this was a TRIP! You totally aced the prompt!! It reminded me of that Movie What Dreams May Come........beautiful imagery!

    1. Thank you so much Sherry. I enjoyed writing this :)

  6. Yes, what a trip...I have hallucinated twice...once from someone giving me a drug that I thought was pain medicine and the second time was when I was administered medicine at the hospital I was not supposed to have...scary stuff. love your ending!

    1. The ending came as a surprise to me as well when I was writing it :) Thank you for reading my poem!

  7. Very interesting with a lovely surprise.

  8. Loved the fantasy world you created in your imagination! Beautiful!
    and the picture you've selected is lovely!


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