A Ramp Walk to Remember

"Rita di, can't anything be done?" I wailed, close to tears. It was already a highly stressful day for me, what with the main event being just a few hours away. All my dreams and aspirations were tied to this one, single ramp walk. Unfortunately, my hair wasn't ready to be tied to anything.

My hair after a wash
"Madam ji, with hair like yours, there is very little to be done in such little time. If only you had started coming for regular treatment sessions six months ago, today things would have been different", said the hair-dresser with a frown on her face, chiding my lackadaisical attitude towards my unmanageable hair, at the same time mourning the loss of six-months' worth of income from a self-promoted hair treatment (which cost a fortune that would have set many a small country free of debt).

"My hair has always been curly, and I like it this way. It is one of the things that makes me, Me. I don't want to straighten it and become someone else. Especially not today." All eyes would be on me and I most certainly did not want to be mistaken for someone else. The rest of my life depended on today being a success.

"Okay,okay. No need to get so emotional. It's just hair. Let me see." said Rita, impatiently swatting away my identity-crisis. 

A few pumps of creamy hair product was worked into my unruly hair. Hair spray was liberally used to both control my hair and kill the mosquitos buzzing around my head

Praying for the best

What if I pin it all on one side into a side-sweep?" said Rita, swiftly twisting my hair in sections and securing them with bobby pins.

I looked at myself in the mirror. 

How I really looked
How I hoped I'd look

Startled by the effect, both Rita and I were stunned into silence for a few seconds.

"Maybe an Athena braid?" she suggested shakily,  ripping out the bobby pins from my hair as fast as she could, releasing my hair into all its inglorious messiness. We both heaved a sigh of relief when the side-sweep was dismantled.

Once again, Rita pumped out hair-gel with much vigour and sprayed with enthusiasm. My hair was parted into sections. Elaborate combing, intricate twisting and braiding, and a final flourish of hair-spray "shagun ke liye" (for good luck).

We once again examined the result, this time better prepared for what we might have to face.

Final Result
Rita's objective

Rita sat down, beaten and dis-spirited. I shed copious tears, covered my head in a towel and declared that to show my hair to the world would most likely be a human-rights violation.

I need to buy a bonnet!

That was when my mother entered the picture.

"Good Lord! Aren't you ready yet? We're set to leave in ten minutes. You haven't even worn your saree properly. And what's with the towel on your head? Rita, why are you sitting there, gaping at me like a dead fish?"

"Amma", I wept, "My hair is a disaster. Nothing works on me. I'm finished. I'll have to walk in front of all those people, with my hair looking like it was hit by a cyclone."

"Take some deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. Now, stop flapping about like a distressed duck and sit down for a minute. Rita, try a twisted updo." Amma was brisk and efficient, and her energy infused new life into the hitherto deflated Rita.

With a determined look on her face, Rita prepared for the last siege. Hair products were pumped out one last time. The hairspray had killed more mosquitos today than an entire box of kachua coils.

My mother set my saree right. The last safety pin was locked into place.

Rita and I steeled ourselves for one final look at the mirror. It was make or break time.

How I ended up looking
What we were prepared for

I had finally found my look. 

Thirty minutes later, I walked down the aisle towards where the love of my life was standing, waiting for me to become his wife. As we stood together, he tucked a stray strand behind my ear, and whispered, "I love what you've done with your hair."

And this was the story of the most important ramp-walk of my life. 


NOTE: The last two images above are my personal photos and are not to be used by anyone else. The remaining images are from Google and copyright to their respective owners.

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  1. best of luck for the contest!
    btw nice photos :)

  2. What a wonderful wedding story. I think we all have some version of anxiety appearing as something else. In my case, I had lost weight from nerves and in the end my gown had to be attached with toupee tape to my breasts to keep it from falling down! No one knew, of course, but those I told. My Great Aunt as she passed by in the receiving line (not a person I'd told) thought too much cleavage was showing and started yanking up my dress..and certain parts of me with it... then I tried to tell her, but she was hard at hearing. It was interesting, but like you, I too was a beautiful bride:-)

    1. Ha ha ha :D

      Your story cracked me up! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I guess everyone feels they've had it bad, until someone else comes along who's had it worse! :D

      Thank you for reading my posts beyond the IGWRT links :) I love your comments!

  3. awesome girl and touchwood for the last 2 pics..may u both remain like this (i dnt mean hugging but happy) always :) if i was the judge i wud hav given you the prize.. :)

    1. Aww... thank you so much Chips! Sending a hug your way :)

  4. hahaha, reading this post was so much fun :D! i have curly hair too and i straightened my hair a few times till few bald patches appeared on my head. wrote few posts on that.

    with all the jewellery, you look like someone coming straight out of a star plus serial :D. love that picture of the kid with a pineapple hairdo :D.

    it was an awesome read!! rockstar you are!!

    1. Thanks DJ :D Glad you liked it!

  5. Your post really cracked me up. Every girl has the last minute panic attacks regarding her looks on the D-Day. On the wedding day my hair-stylist wanted more flowers on my hair and unfortunately there were no flowers remaining (after the wedding podium was decorated). I threw a fit and threatened to call off the wedding itself after which my poor brothers had to run and buy the flowers :P
    All the best for the contest.

    1. Ha ha! I can see your brothers running about in a panic collecting all the flowers they could see :D

      Thanks for sharing your story with me Prasanna.. makes me feel a little less stupid :P

  6. Very nice post. You look so pretty in those pics:) <3

  7. Absolutely Hilarious :D
    Loved your pictures of wedding! :)
    Good luck for the contest!

  8. interesting wedding day story.. we all have our own last minute hahoo - crazy experience on our big day. so much fun to read along with those interesting pictures.. you looking gorgeous in your wedding outfit.. perfect ponnu :D


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