Dire Straights

For years, I have been challenging shampoo companies and beauty-parlours to tame my unbelievably curly hair. I did not want straight hair, only hair that would let a comb run all the way through, instead of absorbing half its teeth and swallowing the spine. I have lost count of the number of combs and brushes that I've lost in the wilderness that is my hair.

The Bermuda Tangle - Doom of the Hairbrush

Once, when I went to get a long overdue haircut, the chap who was snipping my locks offered a free post-haircut blow-dry. I think the sight of my hair challenged his inner artist, and he resolved to summit his Everest by conquering my head. I agreed happily since I believed that anything coming my way, for which I did not have to pay, would make my day.

The Artist at work
After the initial tug-of-war between my hair and his hairbrush, I felt progress was being made. Feeling particularly lazy and lulled by the air-conditioner on a hot summer day, I fell asleep, perhaps unwisely, since a sharp object was in operation dangerously close to my ears.

I woke with a start when the hairdresser whipped off the cloth tied around my neck, almost strangling me in the process. When I finally managed to breathe again and looked up at the mirror, I almost choked again. I was the proud, if bewildered, owner of silky straight hair. Apparently, the blow-dry was responsible for the transformation that I hitherto believed was impossible.

After blow-dry

I tipped the chap generously (being still in shock) and made my way out, with a new spring in my step. It took all of five minutes and a gentle breeze to restore my hair to its former riotous glory, and my now-short hair clustered around my head in a tight Afro. It refused to submit to the confines of a hastily produced rubber-band, and a scarf bought on-the-spot served only to accentuate the puffiness of my hair-don't.

5 minutes after blow-dry

That was the first and last time I blow-dried my hair. In fact, I think that was the last time I went for a haircut,  since the frightening spectacle of a cloud of black cotton candy on my head scared the living daylights out of me and about a hundred other people who were witness to the spectacle as I ran down the road in search of an auto-rickshaw.


I have had mixed results with hair-care products. Some have resulted in my hair becoming even frizzier than before, and others have made my hair limp and lifeless.

When Sunsilk offered to send a free sample of its Perfect Straight shampoo/conditioner, with the claim that my hair would dry straight, I applied to receive one, with doubts of success (of it being an effective straightener, that is. I did not doubt that the sample would arrive).

The recent deluge of hair-care product tryouts ensured that I was already busy getting rid of split-ends and trying out ramp-ready hairstyles on my curly hair while waiting for my Sunsilk sample to arrive.

I think I've tried all of these in the past few weeks

It was finally delivered two weeks ago. Since I decided to let my hair recover from the recent experiments, I didn't get the opportunity to try out the efficacy of the Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo until yesterday.

I started with an extreme case of curls that were nearly impossible to cure. To be honest, it did not turn my hair perfectly straight. My hair still curved down my back like snakes, but now it flowed like contented, well-fed, ponderous snakes instead of the frenzied, over-crazed wrigglers of the pre-Sunsilk era.

Even so, I was quite impressed with the result. It turned my hair from a mass of wiry, poufy cotton to eminently manageable, if slightly wavy, locks. I could see my hairbrush shedding tears of joy as it emerged unscathed through the length and depth of my freshly dried hair.

I also discovered to my surprise, that my hair was now nearly a foot longer than it was before I used the shampoo, due to the straightening. Looking Rapunzel-like all of a sudden even turned my husband into Prince Charming for the evening.

It has been a day, and my hair has retained its manners. I can rest happy in the knowledge that the next time I want my hair to turn well-behaved, or instantly longer, Sunsilk Perfect Straight will be my go-to product!

Since this shampoo/conditioner was tested on the toughest, most stubborn, curliest and frizziest hair possible with highly positive results, I am confident that on more pliant hair, it will work like a charm.

To summarize my findings -

Effective curl management and Instant hair lengthening

Final Verdict - Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo is definitely for those in dire straights...err...straits.

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  1. Bermuda tangles need it the most...
    Well written..


    1. Thanks Manjulika :-)

  2. Bowled by your writing, very witty.

    1. Thank you so much Meenakshi :-)

  3. Now there you go beating me by a mile in my own genre :)

    1. As if that would ever be possible! I am merely trying to expand my range of writing, being inspired by you :)

  4. Wonderful experiments . All the best

    Travel India

    1. Thanks Vishal! This is not a contest (as far as I know), merely a product review in return for the sample I received :)

  5. i understand it's absolutely unacceptable to read a post one week after it was published and it probably doesn't make any sense to vote for it now, but going by the logic that i enjoyed reading this post, i guess, i can still promote it.

    this is one of the best humor posts i have read so far and i would request you to write more of these so that people like us can come up with few words to appreciate them (i also see an opportunity to copy some of the contents from your posts).

    i really don't understand why your humor posts get so less comments in comparison to your other posts.

    1. Haha :D I totally agree with you DJ! I myself am wondering the same thing, especially since my latest hair-based product posts are both contenders for contests with prizes like lappys and cameras and tablets and stuff. :P No one ever reads my posts that might actually get me something cool!

      And we all know that the posts that win are the ones that are either highest voted on Indivine or come from already popular blogs that have been winning all types of contests all over the place... Dammit, I should stick to the doom-n-gloom kind of posts that win contests! :P

      As long as you keep leaving such comments on my posts, it makes them worth the effort :D Thanks DJ!

  6. Rightly said. Sometimes we need to find the one that fits perfectly after bumping into many .Good post!

  7. its good to hear that you have tried all the hair care products available in the market , but finally what exactly do u recommend to use natural or chemical products for hair ??


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